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Cups and basins

Midget cup   Single or multiple cups   Domino patterns and parallel lines   Rosette   Cups in a straight or curved line   Cluster of midget cups   Row of midget cups   Cups countersunk   Basin   Pick marks  

Cups at the centre of curved grooves

Cup and ring   Cup and multiple rings   Cup and penannular   Cup and multiple penannulars   Cup and arc (or semi-ovoid)   Cup and multiple arcs   Angular groove around a cup  

Cups with grooves running from them

Cup and groove   Two cups linked by a groove   Cup with groove cutting through ring   Cup with groove cutting through multiple rings   Cup and groove with penannular   Cup and groove with multiple penannulars   Cup and groove with arc   Cup and groove with multiple arcs   Cup and ring with exterior groove   Cup and ring with interior groove   Ring with an inner cup with two radiates that meet the ring   Radiates  

Rings, penannulars, arcs

Ring   Concentric rings   Penannular   Multiple penannulars   Arc   Multiple arcs  


Keyhole   Keyhole and ring   Keyhole enclosed by pennanular   Keyhole with groove leading out from central cup   Complex keyhole   Cup and keyhole   Cup and multiple keyholes  


Left hand spiral   Right hand spiral   S shaped spiral   Horned spiral   Triple spiral   Running spiral  

Grooves enclosing multiple cups

Occulus   Oval groove enclosing cups   Rosette enclosed by a ring   Rosette enclosed by two concentric rings, the central cup having a groove that cuts the rings   Heart shaped groove containing cups, some connected, and one with a groove leading out   Multiple rectangular grooves enclosing cups  


Linear and angular groove   Parallel grooves   Long groove   Three parallel grooves   Curved groove   Crossed groove   Serpentine groove   Chevron   Square groove   Multiple square grooves   Grid or hatchings  


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