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Walking With Rock Art

7. Lordenshaw

Map showing location of Lordenshaw rock art, Northumberland.
1:25000 Scale Location map showing Lordenshaw rock art.
Map data reproduced by permission of Ordnance Survey.

Lordenshaw Hill has the largest concentration of rock carvings in Northumberland. Over 100 panels have been recorded on Lordenshaw Hill and the adjacent Whitton Burn and Garleigh Moor in an area which covers less than 2.5 square kilometres. The carved panels range from single cup-marked boulders (e.g. North Lordenshaw 6aa link) to complex panels (e.g. West Lordenshaw 2c link).

There are many other interesting archaeological places in this area, representing different periods of history. These include a ditched Iron Age enclosure and an Early Bronze Age cairn. These sites can be visited while you are looking at the rock carvings.

You will be able to spend many hours at Lordenshaw. We suggest that you visit these rock carvings to ensure that you see some of the most interesting carvings represented. Of course, while looking at the panels listed below, you might have the added bonus of coming across other panels.

Recommended panels to be visited:
Nearest access point: Lordenshaw carpark

About the name: The name 'Lordenshaw' (also Lordinshaw) is not clear in its origin, but may come from heavy (Old French lourdin) ridge (Old English hou, which occurs as 'hoe', as in Prudhoe or Swinhoe, for example). The other meaning of 'shaw' is a wood. If the first derivation is correct it means that the ridge was unproductive, for 'heavy' was used as a term of complaint.

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